Top Secret Brain Biology Hack - Converts More Prospects Into Customers

May 10, 2022
Top Secret Brain Biology Hack That Converts Prospects Into Customers Like A Giant Magnet

There’s a top-secret brain hack that will convert prospects into customers with ease. When you understand brain biology, you can affect the decision-making part of the brain and get decisions made in your favor.

If you look at a cross-section of the brain from above, around the perimeter you have the neocortex. Most people refer to that as the thinking brain. The thinking brain is responsible for data, information, logic, features, speech, and language. 

Facts About The Brain

The fact that we communicate through words with each other is because of the thinking brain. That is critical, but here is the crucial point that most people miss completely.  

The thinking brain does not make decisions. Decisions are made in the heart of the brain, also called the limbic brain. We make decisions based on a feeling and then we justify each decision based on logic. It always happens that way.

Most people don't know this, and they don’t understand that when they talk about what they do, what they sell or what they offer, they motivate no one to buy their products. 

Reconsider Your Approach

They can’t convert any prospects into customers. If you understand how to speak to the limbic or decision-making brain and how to create messaging that talks to that part of the brain you will catapult your sales into the stratosphere. 

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